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We are currently using TaxCloud to calculate sales tax on our website. However, we have been having a number of issues with them since the implementation of Wayfair vs. South Dakota. Who is using AvaTax and how do you like their platform and customer service? Is Avatax a good value for the money? We also use Microsoft RMS for our Point of Sale system. Does Avatax work on calculating out of state tax in Microsoft POS? Wanting to get some thoughts from people using similar setups.

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From a technical point of view, AvaTax offers a lot more features than TaxCloud. The attractiveness of TaxCloud at the beginning was down to the fact that it was a free service but of late that has changed. Now, TaxCloud is charging per API call like Avatax does so it means that they might not be as competitive as they used to be.

In terms of customer support, Avatax is by far better than TaxCloud. Finally, with regards to the issues that you are experiencing with your existing TaxCloud installation, I will be grateful if you could open a ticket and document them so that we can investigate them further.

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Hi Franclin,

Thank you for your feedback. I was hoping other users of Avalara might have an opinion, as I have read mixed reviews online. Mostly positive reviews, but
some negative.

Avalara seems like way more software than we need, and it is pricier. However, they may be able to provide for us an option to collect out-of-state tax in
Microsoft POS, which is very limited.

However, TaxCloud is randomly turning on states, like Arkansas, saying we need to collect tax in that state, when we do not meet the economic threshold of under
$10,000. They say the economic threshold is $1 and are collecting tax on these sales even though we don’t have a tax ID number with Arkansas. This really isn’t a problem with Nitrosell. It is a problem with Tax Cloud’s business practices.

They are also charging us for duplicate API lookups. I do have a Help Ticket open on this issue.

I appreciate your feedback. Have a good day!

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Also interested in AvaTax feedback/opinions.

Do Not Use AvaTax. They our outrageously priced. I use to use RMS, but now use RMH which is the RMS replacement. I will be switching back to taxcloud when my contract is over.

Doesn’t surprise me; they just sent me an invitation to some “Tax Compliance Conference” and the registration is $1400!