Conflicting Tax Setup On Webstore and in RMS

Hi Guys,

We have a couple of ongoing issue with taxes on our site as well as RMS. We have purchased Avalara Tax Solutions over a year ago, but they have still been unable to plug into our system and said they would have to write some custom code for us so that it does not interfere with our retail (walk-in) side of the business; for an additional charge of course. We use separate computers for internet and phone-in orders.

The issues we are trying to resolve are as follows:

Out-of-State - Non-Florida - Customers: The issue starts on the checkout screen. It shows all customers as “Tax Exempt” in the totals area. Initially , this is great for Out-of-State customers who are indeed "Tax Exempt, but when we go to process the orders in RMS, the tax is added to the order. We have to go through a variety of screens to setup their record to become “Tax Exempt” on all future orders.

In State - Florida - CUTOMERS: This issue also starts at the checkout screen on our site. It shows “Tax Exempt” on all customer ordering in Florida (same as above). There is no indication on the checkout page that states “Florida Customers will be charge State and County” sales tax. This would be a last resort fix, but I digress. When we receive the order in RMS and go to process the order, taxes on each line item pops up. We then have to go through several screens to setup their county applicable taxes. The customer later sees that sales tax was applied and charged to their credit card; which in turn, prompts an immediate call to our reps. I’m sure you can see the issue here.

Sorry for the lengthy message, but I hope there is another solution here as Avalara seems to offer no timely resolution.

Please advise.


Hi Stan,

That sounds like a configuration issue. I am going to forward this to my colleague @brendan for further investigation.

We fully support our AvaTax integration and will be more than happy to assist you with if you encounter any problem with it.

Thanks for your custom.


Hi Franclin,

Any word on this issue?