Avalara Tax Webinar + Q&A Invitation

One of NitroSell’s partners, Avalara, who specialize in tax services through their AvaTax software would like to offer a webinar to NitroSell customers about the recent changes in the tax landscape in the US and what this means for businesses.

The webinar would follow this structure:

Economic Nexus and the Future of Sales Tax for eCommerce: The Impact of the South Dakota vs. Wayfair, Inc. Ruling

  • Review South Dakota vs. Wayfair, Inc. Ruling

  • Economic Nexus: What does it mean for my business?

  • Value of Automation: NitroSell & Avalara

  • Q&A

If there is sufficient interest, we will set up and schedule the webinar and extend the invitation details to those interested. If you are interested in this webinar proposal, please indicate so by commenting ‘Interested’ or similar on this post.


Do not sign up with Avalara Tax. They charge way too much. Explore your options other than AvaTax/Avalara Tax.

Interested, provided its a genuinely helpful event, and not just a timeshare-style Avalara sales pitch.