Tax Provider Error - CRE

Guys, did any one encounter these errors before for CRE Integration? We are using Tax Cloud Integration for all taxes.

Tax Provider Error - Failed to authorize and capture tax for this transaction. Please contact your tax provider to manually authorize and capture the tax. Error was: [Error encountered authorizing tax transaction: This transaction has already been captured (OrderID : 1586210448) For order #1586210448]

This error is generating 2 header records (transactions with different id’s) in the database with one additional info record. CRE is unable to process as it sees 2 records.
We have to go the database and manually delete the first header record and then open the XML and modify the order id using Fix Orders and then process the order.

Is there any better way or any one found any fix for this? We are getting almost 20 to 30 errors of these kind every day.


Dear Shri,

Thank you very much for your question. Let’s keep our correspondence within the ticket that you’ve opened on our portal in order to avoid miscommunication. .

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Good Morning, so all I can say is that for some reason tax collected from Amazon is always correct however once it hits the NITROSELL side of things it changes. Connecticut tax is being charged on all orders. (Tax should be charged based on where the item is being shipped).
I am not going to be much help because I had no training on anything when I took over this job. So I it is trial by error on just about everything.
I know that the tax issue with Amazon has been an ongoing problem. I have contacted Tax Cloud and they say it is on your end.
As of today I did place our Amazon account on vacation mode until we are back up and running. I am just hoping to get the issue taken care of before our store reopens.

Hi Heather,

I’m afraid this issue is entirely unrelated to Shri’s.

Shri’s issue is to do with the timing of orders – he is getting multiple orders per second at times, which results in order number collisions. The webstore resolves these collisions automatically but TaxCloud does not. Therefore, we are making a change that incorporates a change to the Cart ID that TaxCloud uses for processing, essentially working around TaxCloud’s limitations

With regards to Amazon, it should not be using TaxCloud at all for that. I think perhaps you are the first person to combine TaxCloud with the Amazon integration. It might be as simple as separating the Amazon integration on to a different webstore, and then disabling TaxCloud.

In any case, if you haven’t already please open a ticket on the portal. This will need to be escalated to the dev team. (If you do have a ticket open already, please reply with it here and I can ensure it gets higher priority.)

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Good Morning, I am so sorry if I am making this whole situation harder than it needs to be. I am the new manager and had no turn over at all.

So, to be honest I am no longer sure who to send my issue to. I open tickets but I am assuming that depending on the issue it goes to a different person in your company.

I was scheduled for a phone call yesterday at 10am but never received the call so I am not sure I did that correctly.

The main issue that we are having is as follows:

The tax is based on where the item is going. It should only be CT if it’s shipped in CT.

The issue with the Amazon orders is that when it’s imported into Nitrosell from Amazon the tax automatically is recalculated to CT no matter where it is going. Amazon is charging the correct tax on their end but as it shows up on our reports in RMS it is calculated as CT.

Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

Shelley Cramer - Store Manager

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Hi Shelley,

First, my apologies for using an incorrect name – your forum record shows your name as Heather, hence the confusion.

No need to be sorry for this at all; it’s an issue that needs fixing. We need to have it in a ticket so that it can be added to the dev queue, and handled using the normal processes. The forum is also public and using a ticket means we can communicate confidential details safely.

@kamil.adasiewicz, @peter_szczepanowski: could you please get this issue escalated to dev?