Support for SSLv3 disabled in response to the security vulnerability named POODLE

In response to the news that a New Security Vulnerability Named POODLE has been discovered in a basic protocol used for encrypting web traffic NitroSell has disabled support for SSLv3. Support for SSLv3 had been in place as an alternative to TLS encryption.

Some users trying to connect securely to the NitroSell web server using SSLv3 will have trouble connecting.

NSc Sync will display errors as follows .

SOAP Server Failure: A connection with the server could not be established
Error connecting - A connection with the server could not be established (EROException)

To address the issue, in your Internet Explorer Options enable TLS 1.0, 1.1 and 1.2 as seen in the following screen-shot:

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Thank a mill Brian



we are experiencing a new error Local 10/01/2015 13:16:00 Error connecting - Forbidden (403) (EROException)

on all instances.

happening now 5 days or more. very frustrating. i understand you have done security updates but my site is being blocked now. why is this? can you fix it please



There was a redundant profile in NSc Sync which I removed during our LogMeIn session. Also the WebStore URL was somehow set to instead of

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