All images down?

All all Nitrosell web sites down right now? It appears that all of our Nitrosell web sites are DOWN right now.

All images are broken on our website also.


Hi @robbycquinn, @frank,

One of our main providers, Stackpath, which handles content delivery for all of our stores, is experiencing an unprecedented outage which is resulting from an issue with their SSL cert infrastructure.
We have essentially had to “turn off” the usage of the CDN for now, which is a first for us in our 15-year history.
In effect, all content is now being served directly through our origin servers.
We will leave this in place until Stackpath resolves their issue. They are providing updates on their status site [StackPath Status - Degraded Performance: SSL certificates].

We are happy to report that Stackpath has resolved their SSL problems and they are back online.
We have switched content delivery back to their platform, and we are actively monitoring the situation to mitigate as quickly as possible should the issue recur.
Kind regards,

My site images still do not display. The appropriate icons like check out cart, facebook, etc are not being displayed.

We’re not seeing any issues. Can you please try clearing your browser cache?

If it persists, please open a ticket so we can investigate further.

In the future, when there’s a major disruption like this, a quick email to all Nitrosell customers would be appreciated. The first that we knew of a problem were from calls from our own customers, saying that our web sites were down. I then created an emergency ticket, which wasn’t respond to for almost 30 minutes. I’m glad that it was fixed relatively quickly, but it would take seconds for somebody at Nitrosell to dash off an email to let us know what was happening.

Thanks for your feedback Frank. The priority was on fixing the issue as quickly as possible.

I appreciate that the support team should have responded quicker to some tickets, but it wasn’t immediately clear where the problem originated, and it had to be escalated before they could provide a proper response.

By the time the source of the problem was found, the mitigation was put in place within 5 minutes. As a result of that quick action, NitroSell customers saw a much shorter outage for content delivery than the vast majority of Stackpath customers.

With regards to using email: based on our mailing list stats, the open rate on mailing list emails we proactively send to retailers is very low, and given that the team was dealing with a massive number of tickets at once, it would have added a lot more communication overhead.

Instead, I understand Pete is working on a NitroSell status page to which you can subscribe for automatic updates. It will look something like this:

Could you provide an update on that project, please, @peter_szczepanowski?

We can certainly announce the status page by email once it is live, to give everyone an opportunity to subscribe.

I agree that a status page would be helpful. Either that, or an email, or really any other way to notify your customers when there’s a platform-wide problem would be incredibly helpful. All of your customers wouldn’t have to spend lots of time trying to get a hold of Nitrosell support, and Nitrosell support wouldn’t have to spend a lot of time telling all of us (the customers) the exact same thing (ie: we’re aware of the problem and are working on it).

Thanks, Frank

Hi Frank,

We have released a status page that can reached under the following URL:

We are going to post updates there for any global incidents like this, if you subscribe (top right) to our mailing list you will receive notifications in case we see a similar event in the future.