New Nsc Sync connection issues overnight

Is anyone else experiencing difficulty connecting to download orders with Nsc Sync today/tonight? Our sync seem to have stopped randomly in the middle of the night and we are now receiving the following error for each of the tables it tries to sync:

Error connecting - An error occurred in the secure channel support (EROException)

Software has not changed, nor has it been updated on our end which is a little odd.

Update: Installed a fresh copy on a Windows 7 client and Sync is working once more so it appears to be an issue on our end. I’m not sure what may have changed overnight but it appears we are no longer able to get sync working on Windows XP clients as we had tried two PC’s without luck.

Hi Andy,

The SOAP / EROException errors are reminiscent of those caused by local SSLv3 / TLS settings

As you point out, nothing changed in terms of the NSc Sync installation so the issue can only have been caused by local machine/network settings.

Thanks Brian.

Yeah I had checked those settings as that was my first thought but adjusting the settings didn’t appear to have any impact. As mentioned it was working fine just yesterday with SSLV2 and TLS1.0 enabled.

Either way, I’m just glad it’s working on the more up to date PC.