Upload SSL certificate


Our customer has purchased an SSL certificate for use on the NitroSell web store, but I’m having a couple of issues actually getting the certificate on the store.

First, going to “https://…” shows a bad certificate and a 403 forbidden (which is what we’re trying to fix). It looks like SSL is not enabled on their store.

Second, I cannot find anything in the portal where I can supply the certificate and private key.

Can anyone give me pointers on how to accomplish this?

Hi Mark,

We generate the cert on the retailer’s behalf and the deployment process is automated. Once it has been deployed, you will be notified via the relevant ticket.

Bear in mind that we’re a SaaS-based platform so the environment does not work like a typical once-off hosted web site. End users do not have access to the admin side in any shape or form, and deploying a custom SSL cert for a particular store is not currently supported.

Usually the SSL service provisioning does not take more than a few hours. Sometimes our cert provider takes longer to verify, which can cause a delay.

If you’re still not seeing it, please open a ticket, or respond to the existing one on the subject.