Shipping issues

When a customer purchases one item on our site the shipping works fine. But when we try to purchase 2 items we get the following statement

Sorry - We could not find an appropriate shipping method for your country/state.
Please confirm your full shipping address, including state and country details!

This happens on any item that uses the lower cost shipping. This was never a problem before. Not sure what changed. I opened a ticket and the person just deleted the lower shipping charge. That doesn’t work for us and it s not the way it worked before.

I re-added the rule today but not sure what to do next. Its been 8 days.

Hi Lee,

I see that you were communicating with @vito_delarosa in ticket 98082 and that he last responded 12 hours ago.

Can you confirm exactly how you’re expecting the rule to work, please? It does not appear to be in place currently.


Hi Lee,

Thanks for taking my call yesterday. We’ve resolved your shipping issues and we’ve confirmed you’ll need to implement weight based rules.


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I am having this issue as well.
Please advise.

@fudgeguru Hey John, this is always very specific to an individual store’s configuration, usually with regards to shipping. Best to open a ticket on the portal, please