Ship to address defaulting to our business address

Lately we have been having issues where orders are intermittently coming in with the ship to address being our business address. We are using CRE. We have been placed on the beta channel and this seemed to take care of the problem over the last two weeks but yesterday and today we have had more than half our orders come in with the wrong ship to address again. What’s going on? I’ve reopened the support ticket and asked for help but haven’t got a response yet. It’s been more than 24 hours. This is causing the shipping rate quotes to all be incorrect. Please help!


Hi Milan -

We are also on CRE Platform and have been battling the same issue. waiting for support to fix it.

Thanks for letting me know. I figured that there had to be others with the same issue. We have “in-store pickup” enabled, do you have it enabled as well? I wonder if it has anything to do with the problem we are experiencing. I don’t want to turn it off to test because we use it everyday, especially now when customers aren’t going into the store to shop.

Hi @apatel, @pveuromarket,

I apologize for the delay in responses, we’re dealing with an extraordinary demand for support and requests. This issue has already been escalated to the development team.

Our team is still working on the fix for this issue, as of now I can only recommend to tick off these two options in WSM:

  • Override customer address for Pick up in store methods
  • Set shipping address to store address for in-store pickup methods

This way we avoid the problems with the orders and the addresses won’t be overwritten by store address.

It’s a temporary fix until our developers release update to both of these options.



Hey Milan -

We have Instore - curb side pickup enabled & I’m pretty sure it has something to do with the problem we’re facing. Now - we offer both curb side pick ups & delivery so its important that both options work as expected. I must say the support staff have been doing a great job responding / resolving tickets at best they can, especially now that all of us are relying on the web platform & generating 4x the tickets than normal times!

Hopefully, we shall have a solution soon… Waiting patiently.

Hi Pete -

Thank you for your recommendation, I have ticked off both the options as indicated. Will let you know if we still encounter further issues.


Thanks for the reply guys! I have turned off those two settings and will keep an eye on the results. I will update my ticket and here with the findings. I’m pretty sure that this is definitely related to the in-store pickup option because we have not had this problem until we started to use in-store pickup about 2 months ago.

And yes, NitroSell support is always a pleasure to deal with. Thank you for all that you guys do!


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Thank you Milan.

As soon as we have the fix I will post it here but also in the tickets.



Just wanted to chime in. We are using RMH and we have had a couple of instances of this happening as well.

I would like to inform you that we have released a patch that should fix the error. Please check if everything is OK and in case of any problems please inform us immediately. Once again, we apologize for any inconvenience.