Customer buys 3 items on Amazon, but weborder shows 1

Hi guys

Received an Amazon order for 3 of the same item to one customer. Web order came through only showing qty of 1, however the total amount of the weborder was correct for the 3 sold. I have uploaded pdf of the amazon order and a screen capture of the web order. Let me know if there is anything else you need to see.


Nope, can’t upload pdfs. But the web order shows the problem.
Nope, can’t upload a tiff file.

any suggestions?

Sorry to hear that Bob! If you can give us the web order number, please, we’ll take a look via the back-end


Hi Donogh

WebOrder #1416962031

Thanks for looking into this

Thanks Bob, I can see what you mean. It certainly should have entered 3x of that item.

I’m going to ask our resident Amazon web order specialist, @franclin_foping to take a look. Franclin, the item in question (SKU: MTL00102003; ID: 10054) was indeed ordered 3 times in the same order:

However, it’s appeared only once in the order XML:

Would you mind investigating, please, and reverting to Bob as soon as you can?


Yea, Donogh

All I can imagine is that the amazon customer added the same item to his cart three times rather than adding it once and making the qty ordered 3. Ah, customers, the great debuggers. In this case even if the same item was listed 3 times on the web order, that would be okay too.

Thanks for your prompt responses. You guys are great.


Haha, the great debuggers indeed! God bless them.

We’ll get back to you as soon as we can once we’ve come to a satisfactory conclusion.

Thanks Bob!


We have just released a fix for that issue. It was a very nasty one indeed. From now on, if a customer repeatedly adds an item to his or her cart, its quantity will be increased to reflect that and this should solve this problem.

Thanks a lot for bringing this issue to our attention.

Happy Thanksgiving!