Customer Service

The issues I’m having with my store are not being resolved. The most recent problem was put in at 10 AM CST on Thursday. Payments are not processing for online orders. That’s a big deal! And, we’re heading into the weekend. Someone finally looked at the issue this morning. They did a sync. Yes, that was also my first step before I even contacted anyone. It didn’t work. After 30 minutes of no response, I asked if anything had been solved. The tech told me they needed to discuss with their team. That’s the response I’ve been getting for months and nothing is ever resolved. Here I sit, again, with no correspondence for hours.

You are absolutely right, Kelli, that is completely unacceptable.

I’m going to have this addressed as an emergency issue.

Please bear with us for a few minutes.

Hi Kelli,

We have responded to the ticket, and attempted to call you on your number ending 105 (and got voicemail).

If you can follow the LogMeIn link in the ticket, I’ll review your machine personally.


Just a final note to say that I’m glad we were able to get this resolved for you. Apologies again for what was clearly a major oversight on the part of the support team.