Automatic shipping address selection for pick-up-in-store with multi-store/HQ edition

This forum post describes a feature offered by the checkout page which allows you to automatically pick the shipping address when customers select an in-store pickup method as the delivery method of their order.

This situation is typically encountered by RMS HQ users as they have several physical stores located throughout their country. The problem can be stated as follows: a given store has two or more stores located in various states with each store having its own in-store pickup method. These shipping methods are all available at the checkout page to your customers so that they can choose to collect their order in a local store. However, accurate tax computation requires the correct shipping address to be provided.

There is an option in your WebStore Manager that instructs the checkout page to intelligently find out the correct shipping address to be used for an order in which the customer has decided to collect it at a local store. This option is shown in the next screenshot.

When the option is enabled, the shipping address of an order is set to your local store where the customer will collect his or her order.

There are few points to note:

  • The option assumes that the addresses of your local stores have already been verified and are therefore correct;
  • When enabled, the customer is no longer allowed to select a shipping address at the checkout in a bid to diffuse any confusion that may arise. He or she is still able to provide a billing address registered against his or her credit card. This is illustrated in the next screenshot.

We hope that you have found this post useful. As usual, please feel to raise any related question if you need further clarification about this feature.

Hi Franclin,
I’m trying to set this up and am having difficulties finding a way to connect the Pickup In Store shipping option with an actual Store Address.

I’ve set the checkbox on "Set shipping address to store address for in-store pickup methods"
I’ve created and configured two store pickup services and verified the address for the stores
I’ve set the checkbox and message on “Override customer address for Pick up in store methods”

When I choose a pickup option, I still get the Shipping Address checkbox and the Tax rates do not update.

Do I need to reset a template to see this in action or am I missing a step?

Thanks in advance!!

Hi Linda,

Thanks for letting us know.

Can you confirm that you were trying that in an HQ Store? Also, if you could provide some examples that will be very helpful.