Setting your WebStore's Default Image Path

In order to have your images display properly on your webstore you'll need to be sure you have the default image folder set properly within your RMS Store Operations Administrator, or HeadQuarters Administrator if your the using Headquarters version of NSc Sync.  This same image path has to be set properly at every machine where the Product Attribute Manager is installed and\or NSc Sync(NSc Sync Server Edition if you're using Headquarters version).

Since this folder may need to be accessed by multiple computers, you'll need to be sure your default image folder has the correct network permissions so the appropriate machines have read and write access.  You may want to consult with your Network Administrator.

In this example we're using the Store Operations Administrator.

  1 - Left Click on the Store Operations Administrator.


  2 - Once you have Store Operations Admin open, left click on file then choose configuration.


  3 - Once the Store Operations Administrator Cofiguration interface is available, Choose the Paths tab.  You can set the default image directory by clicking on the magnifying glass on the right then browsing to the folder you've chosen.  You'll need to be sure this folder has the correct permissions in order for it to be available on each machine you decide to install the Product Attribute Manager and\or NSc Sync.




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