Default Image Location Change

Can the Default image profile for Nitrosell be set to folder named "\Pictures\img1. While RMS uses a default image location "\Pictures" ?

RMS only like images 240px wide while this is too small for our website default image. Which we would like at 800px or 1000px wide

Also how many profiles can we have on HQ Professional version? We have 5 folder with 3 profiles each for 15 images,

1) NitroSell Default Image Profile(s): Yes & No. Your suggested deviation from the adopted default image directory in RMS is possible by overriding the directory in your NSc Sync (Server Ed if HQ). However, PAM will not be affected by this change and will continue to reference (Read and Write) the default image path targeted through RMS Admin or RMS HQ Admin respectively. This in not ideal.

2) Image Sizes: The RMS picture preview window is 275w X 175h px. By assigning images larger than that, you will only see that portion of the top left corner of that image. In order to provide your webstore customers with large detailed images, one large image must be available to NSc Sync so that it may size down and create 3 copies of that image, Large, Default and Thumbnail.

Suggested Solution: You likely have multiple RMS machines on your network. On the machine where NSc Sync (Server) and PAM are installed, set RMS Admin or RMS HQ Admin to the larger image directory "\Pictures\img1". This way Sync, PAM & RMS on that machine will all Read and Write to the larger image folder.
Further, I recommend setting all other machines to the picture folder containing smaller versions of the images "\Pictures" so your in-store staff can see appropriately sized product images.

  1. Image Profiles: Your webstore will support 24 image profiles. Based on your current count, you may add another 3 folders with 3 profiles each.

Thank you for the detailed reply. I assume the extra image folders for images 2-8 would have to be subfolders of the img1 folder?

You’re welcome!

You may create folders where ever you like, however most suggest nesting them in the primary folder to maintain a hierarchy.

I’d now like to present you with two NitroSell Feature Tutorials which discuss all of these topics and may better assist you in these steps.

Primary Image Setup / RMS: How to Assign & Configure Product Images for RMS and RMH | WebSell - YouTube (3:53)

Additional Image Setup / RMS: How to Create Additional & Alternative Image Profiles for Your E-commerce Store | WebSell - YouTube (4:52)