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Adding Multiple Item Images to Your WebStore

To add multiple images for items on your WebStore, perform the following steps: 

  1. Create a new folder under the RMS pictures folder, specifying the same name for this folder as you will specify for the profile name in a later step. For example, for rear views of products, specify a folder named Back in the following path: C:\Program Files\Microsoft Retail Management System\Store Operations\Pictures\Live\Back.

  2. Place in this new folder your alternate images. Note that each alternate "back" image must have the same name as its corresponding standard "front" image.

  3. The database can contain only one value for Item.PictureName, and in Windows, files in the same directory must have unique names. For these reasons, you need to create separate directories containing the images for each image profile.
  4. To create an additional image profile of the "back" images, in NSc Sync Configuration, under Setup, select Images.

  5. Click Add.

  6. Specify a Profile Name (the Prefix Name is automatically filled in for you - the same as the profile name, but in lowercase) and the path of the new folder under the RMS pictures folder (for example, C:\Program Files\Microsoft Retail Management System\Store Operations\Pictures\Live\Back), then click OK. Note that the new folder and the profile must have the same name, for example, "Back".

  7. For Max Width and Max Height, set the same values as used in your default image profile.

  8. Click OK. The new profile is added to your list of image profiles.

  9. Repeat the above steps for each additional image profile you want to create.

  10. Click OK, then resynchronize your WebStore.

  11. The names of the profiles and prefixes need to be as follows: If you have 3 extra images (front, back & side) the following profiles are needed:

  12. Name                     Prefix

  13. front                front

    thumbfront           thumbfront    

    largefront           largefront

    back                 back

    thumbback        thumbback

    largeback          largeback

    side                 side

    thumbside        thumbside

    largeside          largeside

    To purge the ProductImages cache, in NSc Sync Configuration, under Advanced, select Purge cache tables once I click OK, then click OK.

  14. On the Purge Cache dialog box, select ProductImages, then click OK.


Is this possible using CRE? When I go into NSc Sync Config, Setup, Images and click add it will not allow me to add a new Profile Name. It is already filled in with “large” and won’t let me change it.


Hi Mike,

We don’t currently support multiple image profiles for CRE.

We can look into including this for a future release.


That would be great! In our industry we can definitely benefit from multiple views. For now we will continue having multiple views in one pic.


Has there been any consideration given to changing how alternate pictures can be added? There are new releases of product coming out on a monthly basis. For our shoes, it is good to show the left, right, heel, and sole pictures of every model and color. We have the alternate files set up and know how do it…but it is painstakingly SLOW to accomplish by having to open multiple windows, copy and paste the originals name…etc.
Would be nice to be able to add alternate pics in PAM like you do the main pic.

Hi Don,

Thanks for the feedback.

It’s definitely something we can consider.

We’ll get back to you when we have more.


(CC @jbw)


Do you know if this is possible now with CRE?


Also following and interested to know if any updates on this.

I understand it has been possible to drag’n’drop additional images through PAM for quite a while now. The profile settings are automated for CRE, so it’s a simpler procedure. The images just need to be named differently, and they need to be in the same folder as the main image.

If you’d like to contact support, they can assist with set-up.

Any chance this enhanced drag&drop functionality in PAM can be extended to RMH? I appreciate the necessity to place the files in separate folders doesn’t make it easy!

I tested the current version (build 1802), and dropping multiple files just takes the first one as the primary product image (discarding the others).

Hi Gareth,

I’ll be in Dublin on Monday with Cillian so can chat to you about this in more detail!

Kind regards,

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