PAM image location and RMH


I have migrated from RMS to Retail Management Hero. Since the migration, I have experienced an important “glitch” in my environment (Windows 10). I am unable to copy or move product images to the Pictures subdirectory of RMH.

QUESTION: May the images used by PAM be located in any directory?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

David Schueckler
The TreeHouse Inc

Hi David,

We recently released updates for PAM for RMH for a couple of image assignment related issues.

@anna.sito should be able to assist (cc @peter_szczepanowski). Guys, please see 139506.


Hi David,

Even though RMH and RMS are quite similar, there are some differences, one of which is the way the image path has to be set up. The updates we released for PAM for RMH now allow customers to use a network drive as their image path, which wasn’t possible before, however, due to some permission limitations in RMH the default ‘Pictures’ directory in Program Files can no longer be used which means that not only can your images be moved to a different directory, they should be.

Once you select a different path and move your images there, you’ll need to update your PAM to the latest version (, change the path in RMH Manager (Configuration -> Paths -> Images), in Sync (each image profile) and reassign at least one image in PAM from the new directory.
If you encounter any issues, please open a ticket in the portal and we’ll assist you.



How has your migration to RMH been so far? I’m looking at a replacement also and would like any feedback current users have with RMH in relation to RMS.