Product Photo Best Practices

After viewing the RMS Primary Image Setup & Configurations - NitroSell I understand how to load photos.

However, what are product photo best practices? I am planning on sending my photos to a third party to edit. What are the specs that I should have them follow so that the photos are consistent?


Bases on our current design standards we suggest assigning each item an image slightly larger than 1000px in either (or both) length or width e.g. 1200x750 , 900x1300 , 1150x1200. (Try not to exceed 2000px in either direction for efficiency sake)
This is because NSc Sync will take that image and downsize it to fit inside a 1000px by 1000px box and use it on the webstore. It will not upsize images due to quality deterioration.

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I would recommend that you use and stick to a standard ratio (width to height) to ensure that all images and thumbnails are consistent across your site.

Depending on what you’re selling, you may want to decide if your photos are better suited to a landscape or portrait aspect ratio (either wider or taller).

i.e. for a landscape (5:4) ratio you’d configure like below, keeping in mind Mike’s suggestions for maximum size etc.

large - 1000x800px
default - 500x400px
thumbnail - 150x120px

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Great! What about labeling photos? In choosing the setting in PAM for image naming convention. What is best practices for Nitrosell/SEO?

Use item look-up code
Use item descripton
Use item file name

To answer that question we have to consider what shoppers might be searching for on search engines.

In most cases it’s the words in your Item Names or Descriptions. However if your item names don’t include key words that customers are shopping for, then perhaps the LookupCode or ItemNumber is of more value. This would only be true if it’s a UPC or SKU that’s published or well know. In other words, your in-store numbering system has no value on the web.

If neither of those options has useful data, you might consider naming your images manually and selecting the File Name option.

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