Sending Detailed NSc Sync Debug Logs to NitroSell Support

If NSc Sync is generating errors, running slowly or not updating your webstore correctly it may be necessary to put Nsc Sync into debug mode and send log files to NitroSell Customer Support.

To generate detailed log information that can aid NitroSell in diagnosing such errors or anomalies perform the following steps:
From the system tray, bottom right corner of your screen - by right clicking the NSc Sync icon, choose “Close and Exit”

Then go to start menu or desktop. Locate the NSc Sync icon and right click - edit properties and edit the Target

Put /debug /verbose after the quotes in the shortcut. Make sure there’s a space between closing quotes and /debug /verbose

It will read something like this: “C:\Program Files\NitroSell\NSc Sync - RMSSO\NScSync.exe” /debug /verbose

Then when you run NSc Sync again it will start in debug mode. Let it until the problem / error is replicated. Then close and exit NSc Sync again and navigate to the Logs directory in the NSc Sync installation directory e.g. C:\Program Files (x86)\NitroSell\NSc Sync - RMSSO\Logs

In newer versions of NSc Sync the Logs directory will be found in C:\Users\Your_Username\AppData\Roaming\NitroSell\Logs

The files required are debug.log and default.log Please send those files to (and note the relevant ticket number in the email), or attach it to the ticket After issue has been resolved, you should remove the /debug /verbose from the file path