See customer shopping cart

We had a customer call because they couldn’t get their order to process.
Is there a way for us to see what’s in their shopping cart so they don’t have to go over the whole list on the phone?

Hi Mike,

You can login on their account from the WSM.

Simply go to Marketing tab and select “Customers” section from the list.

Then you can search for customer account using search engine and login to his account.

The products should be in cart.

If you encounter some more problems, feel free to open up a ticket on our portal and our team will investigate further.

Kind regards,

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It would be good/helpful if there were options for our support team to see/access this data through the API. Similarly, a reset password option via the API would also be a helpful addition IMO.

Hi Andy,

Retrieving the basket content through the API is possible through one of the endpoints.
You can review this information in our API documentation here: GitHub - NitroSell/WebStoreAPI

As for adding the reset password would it be used to send ‘forgotten password’ email to selected customers?



Hi Peter.

Thanks for the suggestion. The difficulty however with this suggestion is that we would need to know the session id. Trying to obtain this from a customer with little to no computer knowledge would be next to impossible. If this same request was possible to see via an account email or similar, then we’d be much better placed to have a functional means to see customer carts. Currently this can only be performed by logging in to the customer’s account through the customer interface from within the backend of the platform.

Forgotten passwords - often will need to reset customer account passwords due to them having difficulties with the forgotten password options and process. Granted there are some security concerns by doing this, unfortunately though it is a requirement from time to time and in cases where the customer has moved on to a new email address and cannot reset their password. Again this step can only be performed currently by logging in through the backend of the portal as the customer, then updating password through the frontend of the website. Far too many steps to put in the hands of our customer support team.


Thanks for the explanations Andy.

The intent with the API is for use when you want to create orders from a third-party service, not so much to interact with existing customer sessions.

The dev team would be happy to look at extending the API to suit your needs. If you’d like to open a ticket we can provide a quote.

No problem, understood. Thanks Donogh.

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