Abandoned Cart Notification

Abandoned Cart Follow-up Email

This option causes an email notification to issue to a registered store user when they add items to their basket but don’t finalise a purchase. The option can be found in the WSM under communication or checkout options.

When setting the option you specify the number of days to wait before issuing the email. The NitroSell platform will look for customer records that have been modified in the 24 hours since that date and, if there are any items in that customers basket, builds an email from the Abandoned Cart Email template.

A second WSM option, Period during which Abandoned Cart Follow-up Email is not repeated, does exactly what it says on the tin. You set a period in days which will stop any subsequent email issuing to a customer that has already had an abandoned cart email issued to them.

Customer Records

This functionality works by checking when a customer record has been modified. This modification could be the customer logging in, making a modification to items in their basket or the retailer updates their customer record at their POS.

Is there someone where we can see a complete list of available variables for these emails? I’m hoping to insert the brand name if possible.



the basket that the shopper last had is loaded into the template. You should be able to access the usual product fields in it.

If it misbehaves let me know!



As its best practice to style html emails with inline css styling so that they render properly in email programs, how can I set the image width / height? There is no available “img” in the code, only “getThumbnailImageExternal” which is not possible to be styled. Is there a way?

This is the part of code in the abandoned cart email I am referring to:

<td nowrap="nowrap" style="border:1px solid #ccc; padding:0px;">
        <a href="{basketitem['product_link']}">{getThumbnailImageExternal(basketitem)}</a>

Hi @maciej.torbus,

Didn’t we break out the image tags to be more customisable elsewhere on this store? Could you review this, please?

Meanwhile, Django, you could just set a CSS width attribute on the parent DIV element.


We’ve break out {ns:getProductImage} allowing more control over <img> tag on the product page. I’m afraid {getThumbnailImageExternal(basketitem)} is slightly different, so we’d have to look at it.


Thanks @maciej.torbus. If you could add it to the dev backlog, that would be helpful, please

Hi @ripenraworganics

We’ve added this to the dev backlog and will inform you once it’s done.

Best regards,

Hi @ripenraworganics,

You can now use

<img class="image-thumb" alt="{basketitem['product_name']}" title="{basketitem['product_name']}" src="{basketitem['product_imagesrc']}"/>

instead of {getThumbnailImageExternal(basketitem)} in email templates.

Thank you,

Is there any way to control the time(s) of day the Abandoned Cart emails are sent out?

At the moment the script appears to run at 6am (local Irish time), which means they land into the customers’ inboxes at a time that won’t stand out (they’re simply another overnight email which might get ignored) and they land at a time none of our staff are actually available if the customer did want to progress things.

If the email was changed to run after 9am we could put a true “get in touch now” call to action in the email to illicit better conversions.

Thanks, Gareth

Hi Gareth,

The process that sends that email is tied into quite a few other functions – feed generation, etc. Previously it ran at midnight and the changed time was requested by another customer. This is the first time we’ve had negative feedback on the new schedule.

Ideally I think all of these times should be configurable, but it’s not so easy to change it on a per-store basis and, as always, what one customer wants doesn’t match the expectations of other customers (you can please some of the people all of the time…). I do appreciate your perspective though.

I can add it to the suggestion list or we can review it as a customisation?


Thanks @donogh!
It wasn’t even something which occurred to me - one of our sales team remarked on it the other morning (he having seen the CC’d emails in our inbox), and I went diving through WSM looking for a setting to tweak.

But dealing with multiple clients across numerous time zones makes this impossible to get right for everyone…

Regards, Gareth