Forgot User Name

Nitrosell Team, we are getting many requests daily regarding forgotten user names.
How can we provide the exisitng customers retrieve their user name based on phone number or email?
Nitrosell currently provides the option to reset the password only. (The users dont remember the user name so how can they reset the password).
I think we should give the user a chance to retrieve their user name based on the email address.

Hi Srinivas,

I’d strongly recommend turning on the “disable usernames” option. That way users only login with an email address. Usernames are still stored but are only used in the background.

This setting is on by default for new stores.


Hi Donough,

Can you let me know how I disable usernames as were also having this issue. Many Thanks Kristina

Hi Kristina,


  1. In the WebStore Manager, go to Settings > All Config Options;
  2. Using the Filter input, enter Disable Customer Usernames;
  3. You should see the matched option below. Click on it, turn the checkbox on, and click Save.

That’s it!