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Existing Customers with Email Addresses

If you already have customers in your RMS database and wish them to be able to avail of loyalty rewards, it is necessary for your customer to know their on-line sign-in details. The easiest way of doing this is to record your customers email addresses in RMS. That way a customer can go on-line and use the forgot my password functionality on the web store.

NscSync keeps the customer details on your RMS and your web store synced with each other. If you enter a customers email into RMS it will automatically update on your web-store at the next Sync.


The default behaviour of the NitroSell platform is to store a username and password pair for new customers created on your web store. This way a customer can enter their email and matching password to log into their account on your web store. You can see the customers username and password in the customer record in RMS.

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