Amazon Pay Support [beta]


Please note: this feature is available to live stores only in beta form

NitroSell is happy to introduce our Amazon Pay integration.

If you want to find out more, you can read about it on Amazon’s website: Online Payment Services | For Business | Amazon Pay

Note: To enable it, your store needs to have be using NitroSell’s SSL site-wide service.

If you want to start using Amazon Pay on your webstore, you will first need to create an account and complete all steps given here:

US: Create an Amazon Pay merchant account - Amazon Pay
UK: Create an Amazon Pay merchant account

Then follow these instructions:

  • Login to your Amazon Pay account.
  • From the dropdown on on top of the page choose “Login with Amazon”

  • Fill out all information about your webstore in “Application Information” section:

  • In “Web Settings” section edit fields as follows:
    • “Allowed JavaScript Origins” - Enter your webstore URL. Include the https:// prefix,
    • “Allowed Return URLs” - paste here full address of your checkout page. Include the https:// prefix.

  • From the dropdown on on top of the page choose “Amazon Pay (Production View)”

  • In the “Integration” dropdown choose “MWS Access Key”

  • Here you will be able to gather the necessary information to enable Amazon Pay on your webstore. Please copy & paste the following into your WSM payment gateway configuration:
    • Merchant ID
    • MWS Account Information: Access Key ID
    • MWS Account Information: Secret Access Key
    • Login with Amazon Account Information: Client ID

● In your WSM Amazon Pay configuration, set “Web Payment” as Default
Tender in Tender Configuration section.

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Anyone using Amazon pay? how is your experience? I am having some issues at one of my customers sites and was wondering if anyone else is having these issues.

  1. Orders get downloaded but can’t find existing customer in the database, instead it gives me all the customers as a match.
  2. No emails are being sent out to customers, when orders are processed and completed. This works fine for the regular payment orders, but not for Amazon pay orders.
  3. Amazon orders on seller central are showing as Open even after the orders are completed.

If any one else is using Amazon Pay with no issues, I would love to chat with you and see how your setup is different then my customers. My customer is very frustrated and at wit end.

Hi Isaac,

Amazon Pay is still in beta and, as per any other beta feature, is not final. As far as I know, there is no more than two or three customers currently testing it.

We are communicating regularly with Yitzi on all of his issues, through the relevant tickets and by phone. If you leave a comment on any of them, it will CC you on email updates. I kindly suggest we keep communication there to ensure we don’t get any crossed wires.


P.S. With respect to point 3, this is unrelated to Amazon Pay. That’s Seller Central, an entirely different integration, and that issue is unique to his store.

Hi Donogh,

Thanks for the reply. I will check the tickets your referring too and will keep the communications there so we don’t miss anything.

I just want to clarify, Point 3 which you are referring to as unique to his store, is also happening at my other customers stores. You can check Ticket # 165633 for more details. So i am guessing it’s not a unique problem.

I am hoping we can resolve these issues quickly and keep the customers happy. For now, I had to disable the Amazon Pay as it was causing too many issues.


Thanks for the clarification Isaac. As I mentioned, this is now at the top of our list for further dev work.

You can find the new feature requests category here: Feature Requests - WebSell

Thank you @donogh really appreciate this.

The new feature section is great.

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Hi Donough

Has there been any updates about Amazon pay and when the full version will be available?


@maciej.torbus can you provide an update to Yitzi please?

Hi Yitzi,

We’ve updated you on the progress in the ticket: 165627. The Amazon Pay issues should be resolved now.

Kind regards,