RMH Printing Labels Issue

Anyone else on RMH having issues printing labels on a Zebra LP2824?

1st issue: We are having to go through too many steps just to print 1 label. After choosing the label size in the Print Label Wizard, we have to first preview it, then press the printer icon, then choose which printer, then go to preferences, then to page set up, then select the size label, then press ok, and then finally print! Exhausting!

We use 2 size labels:

2.25 x 1.25 (big)
2.20 x .5 (jewelry label-small)

2nd issue: We are having issues getting the template to fit the info. on the small (jewelry labels). The UPC goes into the middle and when the label gets folded over it covers up the UPC so it can not be scanned. Our IT person has been trying to get this working with no luck.

I appreciate any insight.

We are also having major issues with butterfly labels and have had to keep using RMS just for that.
Also, if we want to run and print a report the default printer must be set to the printer you want to print to. If it is set to our label printer (cognative) it will freeze RMH and you need to restart to program. Very frustrating.