Register your interest: SSL cert for your store with site-wide encryption

Hi all,

NitroSell will shortly be trialling a new service that will provide full site encryption for your webstore, as well as per-store SSL certs.


This value-added service will be available for $199 set-up and $29/month (or the equivalent in your currency).

(The set-up fee includes the cost of the cert itself, which we will apply for on your behalf.)

We are currently collecting a list of interested customers, who will be the first to gain access to the service. Please reply to this topic if you would like to be on the list.


(CC @mohsen, @derek1, @sosterlund, @chad, @austinh, @andy, @emma)

P.S: You should also ensure that you are using the latest version of NSc Sync and other applications available from


Hi Donogh

We would be very interested in this please do add us to your list.


Model Railways Direct

Thanks Donogh.

We’re happy to commit but I would have some reservations about being first cab off the rank given the potential for unwanted checkout and order issues.

I’d also need (if possible) reassurance that our 3rd party integration’s like SLI aren’t going to be adversely affected due to the encryption changes.


Thanks for the feedback. Have added you both to the list.

Please add us to your list!


Interested here as well.


Yes we 'd be interested to persue this too.



We are interested!



Please add us to the list, Donogh. We are very interested.

Thank you,


Thanks all. We’re hoping to be able to make this available next week.

You can see a live example of a NitroSell store running the new feature here:


Hi Donogh

Is this available yet? We are keen to get it up and running



Hi Mark,

We have it ready to go on our side. We’re waiting on our Content Delivery Network provider (Akamai) to update to be served over SSL. We had expected it to be quick but it now looks like it’ll be middle of August before they can deliver that change.

We’ll update this thread as soon as it is ready.


Hi Donogh

Thanks for the update,



Hi all,

We are finalising SSL support this week. It will be ready for go live by next Wednesday.

For those of you who have expressed an interest, can you please confirm you’d like to go ahead on the basis of a $199 set-up fee and $29/month? (€179 set-up and €25/month in euro; £149 set-up and £20/month in GBP.)

We will open a ticket on your behalf and go from there.


Hi Donogh

Yes please count us in.

Model Railways Direct

Thanks Donogh. We don’t have an issue with the additional fee.

Congrats @jessie, yours is the first non-test store to have SSL enabled!

As you can see, it’s as fast as ever and the entire site is being served over SSL, including the checkout:

For those of you on SSL, our search engine marketing team will be available to help you deploy Google Trusted Stores (US) and Google Trusted Shops (UK). If you are not already in touch with the SEM team, please open a ticket on this subject.

We strongly recommend you enable Google’s Universal Analytics: Google Universal Analytics Integration

And the newer version of Google Maps, which uses an API key and asynchronous JavaScript: Product Update: Google Maps API Key

[For the techies among you:

  • You can see in the source that images are delivered via a https URL on our content delivery network (Akamai):
  • In fact, nearly all stores’ static content is being served from this secure URL;
  • This change also allowed us to increase the TTL on static content to 24 hours, which means browsers will cache it for longer, improving your site’s page speed for return visitors;
  • It also makes use of E-tags, meaning if the content has changed, browsers will see a changed E-tag and will refresh it (ensuring stale content isn’t served).]

As always, if you require further assistance, don’t hesitate to open a ticket with our support team.

Thank you, Donogh! I will get in touch with the SEM to get the Google Trusted Stores set up. The transition to the full SSL has gone very smoothly! I really appreciate the great customer service.

Best Regards,

Jessie Bostic

Sales & Customer Service, Marketing & IT Manager
Hostel Shoppe
3201 John Joanis Dr.
Stevens Point, WI 54482
800-233-4340 or 715-341-4340 ext. 302

Thank you!

We switched to https on Friday evening and, to be honest, we thought we would have problems. Just the opposite, a smooth switchover, in fact had we not have received an email advising that the switch was about to happen I don’t think we would have noticed!

Thank you to all the team for making the switch such a simple task.

Mark, Model Railways Direct Ltd