Google Trusted Stores

Any updates on Google Trusted Stores & NitroSell ?


We are currently performing some final checks on our integration.

A new thread will be opened on this subject once the feature has been rolled out.

In the meantime, please familiarize yourself with the conditions set out by Google, by far the most important is that your store will have to process in excess of 200 orders per month.

Watch out this space for an update…


Hi @contact

In the end, it looks like we won’t be carrying this integration to completion as Google doesn’t accept the fact that the checkout is not hosted on the same domain as the main store. We originally thought that they will be fine but apparently not.

Nonetheless, we have found an alternative that is not as restricted as Google’s and can confirm that it will work on your store. It’s called

If you are interested in that, please open a ticket in the Partner Portal and we will happily come back to you with a quote.