Https: Secure Login Requested by a Customer...and Google?

Hi Guys,

I just had a customer call and ask us why we do not offer a secure login into to their account. This is not a call I would have expected from most customers, but there may be some legitimacy in his request. Especially since Google seems to prefer it as well and may be including it in their ranking algorithm.

I know that the https is connection is made on the checkout page, but nowhere else on our webstore.

Are there any plans to make https standard on all pages of our webstore?


Hi Stans,

Our logging is done through HTTPS. It is all done behind the curtains so the customer probably didn’t realise it. When the shopper clicks on the ‘Login’ button it is redirected to our servers:

This is one example of the URL:

You can see this redirect if you go to ‘Network’ in the web browser console.


Thank you for the clarification Belen.

We updated our website to a custom design earlier this year and may have changed the link in our header.

The “My Account” link in our header, which was the “login” previously, links to:

Should I change it to:


Hi Stan,

You don’t need to change it. The screenshot was taken from your webstore. As you can see, it is already doing the redirect to our server. The customer data is send through HTTPS so you don’t need to worry about it.

You can tell to the next shopper that the login is using the HTTPS protocol to send the data from the browser to a secure server. That the page itself is not secure doesn’t mean that the data is not send in a secure way.

Best regards,

I see it now. Thanks again Belen.