Enter price on website


I was wondering if there is a way to have an item on the website where the customer can enter the desired price they want to pay for that item.

I have retailers that would like to sell Gift cards online with no pre-determined price. They want the customer to be able to enter the desired price for that Gift Card

Thank you


Product customization described here could be used to do this.

The short version is:

  • Create a Gift Card item costing zero in your POS system;

  • Create a tag-along item costing a unit of your gift card (ie a dollar or a cent) in your POS system. Ensure you have plenty of them;

  • Enable ‘Product Customization’ in your WSM so that the Gift Card product page provides an interface that allows the user to add tag-along items to the Gift Card. The interface provided is done so by entering codes into PAM as described here;

  • As each tag-along item has a cost. The combination of Gift card and tag-along items ends up with a total cost that the shopper pays;

  • The web order passed to the POS will have a gift card item costing 0 and X tag-along items making up the value of the gift card;

Run through the steps described in the articles above and if you run into difficulty then open a ticket with the support team who will be delighted to help.


Hi James,

Started reading through this setup and yes quite complex. I did see that it says “Numeric drop down menu input” so before I continue, I wanted to know if its possible to have it, that the customer can enter a price without having to use a dropdown menu. to have a drop down menu from 1 through 500 is a little silly so wanted to see if we can use a Numeric input like text input.

Thank you


see this article, specifically Option C in the paragraph Rules Governing the LineCost Field.

If you combine the evaluate-input with a text input field the platform will evaluate any number you put into the input field on the product page and try to convert it into a number of tag-along items to add to the product.

I suggest starting simple. In PAM find the row for the gift card you created in your POS system:

  1. Create a LineDetail attribute and in it put 3 in the line for your Gift Card;
  2. Create a LineTitle attribute and put in Card Value in the row for your Gift Card;
  3. Create a LineCost attribute and put in evaluate-input in the row for your Gift Card;
  4. Map them to custom fields in NscSync as described in this YouTube video;
  5. Switch on Product Customization in the WSM;

If all has gone well you should see a new input on your Gift Card Product page called Card Value that will take an input and add it to the Gift Card price.

This is an advanced feature so you will have to carefully follow the steps outlined in this series of forum articles. If you can’t get it working though the support team will be happy to help.