Overnight changes to product image path?

Was there an overnight change to the product image path?

Previously the path wasn’t relative to our domain, but rather;


Today we have awoken to discover that path no longer works and now needs to be relative;


Can you confirm if this was a planned change and a permanent one?

As far as I can tell you’ve not updated the Google product feed with the updated image url either so this is having an on-flow effect across multiple advertising channels that rely on our Google product feed.

Can you advise when this feed will be updated?


Hi Andy,

We had to change where the images URL pointed to. If your DNS is up-to-date it should be okay. There may have been a very brief outage.

The reason for the change is we’re expecting a denial of service attack tomorrow and have had to put precautionary measures in place. I’ll be posting an announcement about it later.

Can you let us know if you’re still experiencing issues, please?

Kind regards,

Thanks Donogh.

The results were fairly spasmodic throughout the day with different users in our office being affected in different ways. The change was further complicated by the fact that our search is hosted externally and they too were linking to the original path.

I’ll see how we get on tomorrow and send a reply in the ticket if we’re still having issues.


Hi Andy,

It seems to be down to existing browsers or machines not seeing the new IPs (yet). We changed them yesterday because we had to employ a couple of new service providers for DDoS mitigation.

As soon as each individual machine is seeing the new DNS records, the issues should disappear.

Sorry for the inconvenience. We’re not entirely certain to when the attack will happen, so we did it urgently to prioritise keeping the webstores up.