Secure SubDomain Image(s) Missing

Hey guys. Hopefully you can answer this question. I have been using relative paths on my images. These images show fine until I arrive at a “*” page. The image giving me an issue now is a PNG image that is coded into the ‘Navigation’ template. It is the logo for our mobile site…

After landing on the ‘logout’ page ( the image (/img/logo-mobile.png) throws a 404 error. As soon as I return to the regular “non-secure” domain, the image loads fine.

Here is the kicker though, the same exact path is used for the desktop logo (coded into the ‘Header’ template), and it displays fine. What can I do to “push” this image file to the secure server?

Thanks in advance!

Okay, so I take it I am on my own here…

I’ll rephrase my question:
After looking into this issue more, for some reason, the logo coded into the “Header” template is pointing to “/” and the image in the “Navigation Panel” is pointing to “/img/logo-mobile.png”.

Both images are coded as relative paths in the templates:

Why is the image in the header template assuming “/” in front of a relative image path? I have never seen this behaviour before. Does your framework adjust image URLs upon compiling? If so, shouldn’t the changing of the URLs take place in all templates?

Hi Derek,

If you prefix the image URL with {SITE_PATH} it will handle the domain transition smoothly.


Hi Brendan,

I was unable to fix my issue using {SITE_PATH}. It appears to return an empty string when viewing a secure page.