Constantly Having to Rebuild URLs

Hi again!

Another fun question for you… We have created a custom search engine API that basically has to “guess” what each product URL is…

The logic is as follows:

  1. Take the CURRENT product name
  2. Encode the string like NitroSell does
  3. Add the ILC to the tail of the sting

This works fine, until our data entry person updates a product name. It appears that the NitroSell framework does not update the product URLs after such an update. I understand why, but since we haven’t really logged too many page views, we don’t necessarily care if the URL is changed (nor do we care that there is no 301 added after the change- yet…).

In addition to the search API, we have created a PHP scraper/crawler that keeps our data up-to-date for a number of our distributors. We would like to have this run automatically every night. The problem is that if a distributor (or we) update a product name, our API’s product links break.

In order to fix these broken links, we have to manually go into the WebStore Manager and “refresh” our Product URLs. This is not practical :frowning:

Is there anyway we can have the URLs auto-refresh themselves? Perhaps a toggle to allow the URLs to auto-refresh when a change is found in a product name?

Thanks in advance!

Hey Derek,

A workaround is to remove the product entirely from the store and re-add it. (That is: set WebItem to false, sync; set WebItem to true, sync.) That will cause the URL to be regenerated. Old redirects for that product will obviously not work any more.


This has actually been a long standing issue and also applies to brands.

@donogh Thanks for the work-around. I’ll have to figure out a way to integrate my PHP crawler with Sync… Or have it run again 15+ minutes after the initial crawl. (One query with ‘WebItem = 0’, then a second time with just the ‘WebItem=1’ query)…

Thanks for the heads up on that @andy! Maybe we’ll see some kind of auto update/add 301 redirect process in the future. That would be nice.

We are having the same issue with our item url, but removing an item and syncing then re-adding the item and re-sync does not rebuild the URL, We are on on the Beta Version with 2.1.42 build 1465 Nitrosell. We have to rebulid URL manually to get the url to change.

So when you say “removing”, are you doing the following?

  • Setting ‘WebItem = 0’ (false)
  • Syncing
  • Setting ‘WebItem =1’ (true)

Yes that is the way we have tried to reset URLs. We use RMS to set webitem to yes/no.