Mix and Match 2 for Promo

I am trying to create a coupon promotion where if someone buys 2 of a product they get a discount, however, the product has multiple “versions”. I.e. there are 9 versions of the product and I want a customer to be able to select 2 out of any of the 9 versions and get a discount. The product costs $29.95 and they would be able to buy 2 of the products for $40. Can this be done in the web coupon on nitrosell?

Hi Stanley,

I’m afraid it won’t be possible to customize Web Coupons in such a way that they take product quantities into account. Nevertheless, you may consider applying Case Discounts instead. Please read the following article to find out more about the functionality: Case Discount

Kind regards.

ok, thank you for your reply

You’re very welcome.