Setting Up Promotional Codes (Coupons)

WebStore promotions enable customers to receive discounts on their orders by entering a promotional coupon code during the checkout process. You can set expiration dates for promotions, the maximum number of times they can be used, and a minimum order amount to be eligible for a discount. Note that the minimum order amount is based on the total order, but is calculated on an item basis at checkout. Using promotions, you can discount any items (note that promotions override the setting that items may be individually marked in RMS as non-discountable.)

Two different methods exists for passing this discount to RMS:

  1. The original method was to discount the first line item by up to the value of the web coupon then subsequent line items by any remaining value until the coupon was used up. This can result in rounding errors and possible conflict with other RMS add-ons including warning about lower price bounds being breached.
  2. The newer method is to pass the web coupon as a negative value line item to RMS. This gets over the rounding errors, the possibility of being overwritten by other RMS add-ons (Looking at you New West Technologies!) and items being reduced to less than their minimum price.

1. The first method - discounting line items up to the value of the web coupon
When tendering the order, RMS assigns the discount reason code WEBPROMO to the items that are discounted as a result of a promotion code. Using the standard RMS reporting system, you can create reports of promotional activity.

Note: You must ensure that the “WEBPROMO” exists in RMS SO Manager under Database, Discount Reason Codes. The method GetWebOrders uses to apply WebCoupons in RMS does not to function on newer versions of RMS( 2.0.0150+).

To add a promotion, perform the following steps:

  • Log in to NitroSell WebStore Manager. To do so, open NSc Sync.
    On the main window, click the arrow next to My WebStore, then select Visit WebStore Manager;
  • The WebStore Manager Login page is displayed. Enter your NSc Sync credentials (user name and password), then click Login.
  • On the Welcome page, from the navigation menu, under Management, select Promotions.

  • The list of currently configured promotions is displayed.
  • If the message “Promotion codes are not enabled on your WebStore” is displayed, click below the message to enable promotion codes.
  • To edit the properties of an existing promotion, select the promotion name.
  • To add a new promotion, select Add Promotion.

  • On the Add WebStore Promotion page, enter the Promotion Name;
  • To generate a new random promotion code, click Generate Code.
  • Enter the Discount Type (either Amount Off or Percentage Off), and the Discount Amount.
  • If this promotion requires a minimum amount to be spent before it can be used, specify this value in Minimum Order Value.
  • If there is a maximum number of times that this promotion can be used, specify the appropriate value for Max Usage Count, otherwise, leave this value set to 0.
  • If you select Expiration Date, you can specify the date after which this promotion expires. For example:

New September 2012

It is now possible to disable a web coupon for customers on certain price levels. This allows a shop to make web coupons that only apply to certain price levels, for example, if store staff have a price level A, then web coupons can be made for them, or to exclude them.

Click Save Details. Your new promotion is added to the Current Promotions list.

Restricting Promotion codes using Rules
If you wish to restrict the use of a promotion code e.g. if the item is in a certain department you would apply a rule as follows :

The promotion does not apply if:

Item Department Is Equal To Books
Item Department Is Equal To Classes

Please note that in such a case you also need to set a rule which applies the rule i.e.

The promotion applies if:

Item ItemLookupCode Is Not Equal To 0

To avail of a promotion, the customer must specify the appropriate promotional code at WebStore checkout. On the Delivery Information page, specify the code, for example:

Once you’ve specified the code, the discount is displayed in the Shopping Cart, for example:

To disable promotional codes on your WebStore, in NitroSell WebStore Manager, select Disable promotion codes.

Using Rules with Customer Custom Text Fields

If you would to use promotion codes rules based on the Customer Custom Text Fields in RMS you’ll need to be sure you’ve made that field available in the webstore. You’ll need to following the procedure below to add the field in NSc Sync which in turn transfers the information in the custom text field up to the web and make it available in the promo code rule configurator.

  • In NSc Sync Configuration, under Advanced, select Field Mappings;
  • Right-click Customer, then select Add Field, then Standard Field.
  • For Remote Field Name, enter customer_customtext1. For Field Source, enter customer.customtext1
  • Click Validate
  • Click OK, then re-synchronize your webstore
  • The information in RMS’s customer custom text field is now available for promotion code rules.

Having a web coupon show as a line item on your POS

Because of the way the standard discounting works, there is a possibility of rounding errors occurring at the POS. To get round this the webstore allows you to collect the discounts applied as a result of web coupons into a line item called web-promotion.

To set this up you need to create an item called promotion_discount in your POS system. Ensure you have plenty of them in stock, set the price of them to 0 and ensure that they get to your web store. I don’t put them into a department or category so they cn’t be found by a user browsing your store.

In the WSM web Promotions page the interface will recognize when you have this item on your store and offer you the option of discounting as shown here.

Simply click on the link to enable the option. Run a test transaction through to your POS and you will find your promotion_discount including in the basket with a negative amount associated with it representing the discount applied.

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Having a web coupon show as a line item on your POS

Does this option still work? We have added the mentioned product but we are not being shown the option to switch the discounting method.

Hi @andy

We are double checking this feature for you and will let you know if there is a bug with it. In that case, we will fix it straight away.

Thanks for reporting it to us.

Kindest regards,

@andy, to clarify, the item needs to have its item lookup code set to ‘promotion_discount’; it won’t work if it’s the item name.

Can you let us know if that helps?

Hi Donogh,

We have the lookupcode, name and extended description configured as ‘promotion_discount’. We’ve not assigned any department or category to the product.

I should also note that we are syncing from HQ in case that makes a difference with how this works.


Hi Andy,

I think I see the problem – it also needs to be a web item, so the webstore can see it.


We have that flagged also.

Hi Andy,

I’m afraid I still do not see a promotion_discount item on your webstore DB.

My guess is it’s being filtered out by your ‘CategoryID > 0’ filter clause on your item table.

You could make it: webitem=1 AND inactive=0 AND (CategoryID > 0 OR itemlookupcode='promotion_discount')


This doesn’t appear to fix this issue either @donogh.

Do you have any other suggestions?

Hi Andy,

We’re at the point where a remote session would make the most sense.

Would you mind coordinating this please @peter_szczepanowski ?


Hi @andy

I just logged in to your store and checked the database. The item is there and I was able to trigger the option. Please try it out yourself and test if the orders are coming down as intended.
Let me know if you encounter any problems.


Hi Peter,

Unfortunately there’s no additional item being populated in the raw order data in the exchange table. I don’t believe this has had any impact.


Hi Andy,

I’ll test this out with my team then. We didn’t have any reports about this so far from other customers. I’ll get back to you on this.