Quantity Discounts Function Different Than Expected

We just tested the quantity discount feature, and the results made no sense. Basically, you can enter only 4 different quantities…

Consider the following values for a Quantity Discount scheme:
Less than qty 5 = $5.25/item
Qty 5 = $5.00/item
Qty 10 = $4.75/item
Qty 20 = $4.50/item
Qty 40 = $4.25/item

Any customer would see this table, and assume that if they buy 5-9 of this product, they will pay $5.00 per item. Likewise, if they purchase 10-19, they will pay $4.75 per item (and so on). Well, this is not how this feature works…

What this feature currently does:
(Using the discount scheme above)
If a customer adds 7 of this product to their cart, they will pay $5.00/item for five of them, and $5.25 for the other two. This means that in order to reap the benefits of the quantity discount, the customer has to buy exactly the quantity entered for the discount (in this case either 5 or 10).

So, how can we get quantity discounts to apply to all quantities up to the next discount “level”?

Since it’s an RMS discount scheme we mirror its behavior. Did you try ticking the “Discount odd items” checkbox?

Hi Donogh,

I understand, I saw that that was the default RMS behavior. Is there anyway for me to override it though?

And yes, I did try ticking that checkbox and re-syncing, and nothing changed :frowning:

We have had this issue many times, it is down to the ‘discount odd items box’ you need to have that checked for the item to change price level correctly!

Hi Derek,

There are currently no overrides. The intention of quantity discounts is to mirror the POS functionality directly, so you can offer the same discounts online as in store.

Web coupons are offered to add extra discounting flexibility.