Multiple Emails being sent to Customer on Amazon orders


We seemed to have developed a problem in the last day or two regarding an automated nitrosell email (Your order has been processed). Since it is an Amazon order, it is sent to the crazy amazon email address. In this last day or two, the same email is being sent 6 to 8 times and customers are now complaining. When i look at the communications section in our Amazon portal to email sent to the customer, that emails only shows once. Here is an example web order with the problem Order #1417103504

Any help would be appreciated.


Just an update, I noticed on the 26th, each amazon customer received 15 of the same email.


UPdate #2. They seem to be at 25 minute intervals (give or take a minute or two)
I disabled nsc mail integration in nsc sync for now

Update: Disabling nsc mail integration does not stop the problem. It appears that the 6 to 8 emails being sent is incorrect because they just keep piling up. They seem to be stopping at 15.

Update: I confirmed the emailing interval is 15 minutes (which is the amount of time for email retries that is set up in the advanced tab of the setup/followup emails.


I know someone tried calling me at the store, but I am not there. The voicemail was lost, so please contact me through here and I can give you my direct number.


Any help on this issue would be great, as we have a LOT of irate customers.


Hi Bob,

Very sorry to hear about this one. Do you have any idea when it started happening, please, to help us pinpoint the source of the problem? I’m going to trawl through our server logs now for order 1417103504.

In the meantime, I think the only thing you can do is disable Amazon order downloads. I don’t want to do that without your consent.

I’m also asking @franclin_foping to urgently review this issue.


Okay, so I can see the email going out is the one generated via processed.xml. It looks like they’re going out in quick succession, seconds apart.

Disabling NSc Mail will help but what’s happening is it’s still clearing through a backlogged queue, which is why that didn’t appear to have an effect.

Can you disable it again, please, Bob? Are you comfortable running SQL statements against your RMS database via RMS SO Administrator? If so, please execute the following after disabling NSc Mail:

truncate table nitroasl_mailer;

That will empty the queue on your side.

Next, we need to make sure that you only have one processed.xml template. The Mail templates live in the NSc Sync folder. The typical path is:

C:\Program Files\NitroSell\NSc Sync - RMSSO\Data\MailTemplates\

Or, for 64-bit windows:

C:\Program Files (x86)\NitroSell\NSc Sync - RMSSO\Data\MailTemplates\

There should only be one XML file in that directory prefixed with the word processed. If there is more than one, that will result in multiple emails being sent. If that’s the case, move the supplementary processed files into another folder, then go to File > Rescan mail templates in Sync.

We hope to be able to resolve this issue comprehensively on Monday. In the meantime, if the above doesn’t help, please let me know.

Kind regards,

Hi Bob,

Sorry to hear about the issue that you are having. We
noticed that there is a problem with those emails and there are not
being dispatched properly. As a precautionary measure, we have decided
to disable the Order Fulfilled at the POS option in your Amazon
configuration. This, of course, will not prevent your shipment software
from working as expected.

We will get back to you as soon as possible with a more sustainable solution.

Thanks for your custom and have a great weekend.


THanks guys. I know the store is about to open, so I need to be able to tell them what this all means? If you have disabled order fulfillment at the POS, how do we process the amazon orders? Will we still get weborder emails for each amazon order? If we manually have to process them (entering the info into POS), is the inventory quantity syncing still going to work?


Just wanted to first answer you question on when this happened. Here is the info on the first email of the first customer that this affected. Time is CST

Tue, Nov 25, 2014 at 4:15 PM
subject: Order #1416952372 : Your Order has been processed!

Hi Donogh

I truncated the nitroasl_mailer table successfully. I then looked in the mailtemplates folder and only one processed.xml file it there. Of course all the customers that had their orders processed got the 15 emails each and since we had stopped processing orders for everyone, it all eventually stopped (except for my apology emails).
The store will open in a few minutes, but I still don’t know what we have to do to process orders after Franclin disabled the orders at the POS.


Hi Bob,

Here are the answers to the questions you raised earlier:

1- If you have disabled order fulfillment at the POS, how do we process the amazon orders?
You should process your Amazon orders as usual. For your information, that option instructs us to automatically generate and upload the order fulfillment feed to Amazon. Having received it, Amazon automatically flags your order as Shipped in your Seller Central account. By disabling it, we will no longer attempt to generate that feed on your behalf and your shipping software will take care of that process instead.

2- Will we still get weborder emails for each amazon order?
If you have followed Donogh’s instructions earlier, then the short answer to your question is simply no.

3- If we manually have to process them (entering the info into POS), is the inventory quantity syncing still going to work?
Your inventory levels are unaffected by this. As you will be processing your orders as usual, everything else should be flawless from now on.

Hopefully this all makes sense now.

Once more, please accept our sincere apologies for the inconvenience this may have caused to you or indeed your customers.


Hey guys

None of this worked. Got the same problem this morning. I verified that in NSC Sync I had turned off enable NSC Mail integration, and it is off. So, how do I stop these emails from sending. Please, we can’t do this again today.

Update: I just noticed they process a dozen or so orders a few minutes ago. And I am now just seeing the multiple emails coming through. Peeking at the nitroasl_mailer table I see the mail retries happening again. Should I just truncate this table again?

Update: I blew out all the records in the nitorasl_mailer table after all the processed orders had sent at least one email message. I’m just going to keep truncating this table periodically


Please do Bob. If the mail integration is disabled it shouldn’t even be populating that table.

I had turned off mail integration hours ago. About 20 minutes ago, I saw they processed about a dozen orders. I looked at the mailer table. There were about a dozen line items in there, some with retries of 3, some 2, the rest 1. They were all just amazon emails though which is interesting since I think they processed some regular web orders as well. Anyways, I truncated the table so its empty and the emails have stopped. They haven’t processed any of the new orders that just arrived, so I’ll wait and see what happens in that table.

bob, the truncator

Hi, Bob the truncator here with an update

Even though mail integration is disabled, the mailer table is still being populated, but I only ever see amazon emails ( in there. I believe we have disabled the “Your Order has been Processed” emails for regular Nitrosell website orders as I do not see any of those being sent to customers, but the amazon emails ( are slipping through into the mailer table where they will just keep retrying even though they are actually being sent out. So I truncate every now and then which is keeping the problem from pissing off the customers.

Not trying to be a pest with the posts, I’m just trying to convey what I see happening on our end, in hopes that it helps you on your end.


Sorry to have put you in this awkward spot Bob. Your replies are very helpful and we have a good idea as to the source of the problem. We’ll get a fix out as soon as we can. It will likely be Monday though.

Appreciate your patience.

Kind regards,

Hi Guys

Any word on the update? I’m getting really good at truncating.


Hi Bob,

We believe we have resolved the underlying issue but are still conducting some final tests before we can be definitive.

Will let you know as soon as we’re confident!


Hi Bob,

The fix is working as expected. Can you please confirm you’re not experiencing any further issues?

Kind regards,