Customer notifications

I have had multiple customers ask me why they get so many notifications after purchases. Where can I adjust what notifications are sent our and when?

I agree, some of the emails are redundant. There should be options to disable these emails if preferred.


Although you cannot adjust or alter the timing of those emails, you do have the option to disable them in NSc Sync under Disable Mail Integration.

Also, note that depending on the lifecycle of an order, only two emails are to be sent to your customer after completing an order. The first informs them that the order is being processed and the second provides the shipment details. These emails, like all others, are to be dispatched only once. They are generated from templates that can be found in the Sync installation folder known as thankyou.xml and processed.xml

So if your store is not using a feature that relies on the Mail Integration, you may as well disable that option and if you only want to stop an email, you can delete the corresponding template file.

I hope this helps.