Microsoft RMS Vouchers

Hi, I know Nitrosell supports Microsoft Dynamic RMS’s Vouchers, but does anyone know if Nitrosell supports the Vouchers expiry date ? (ie: Store Operations Manager, File, Configuration, Tender, Voucher Expiration: X days)
for example if a voucher is sold (or issued for free) with 3 months expiry from date of purchase, and four months later someone tries to use that voucher online… will nitrosell allow it to be used ? or will it decline it ? if its an expired voucher does it come up with a message to advise them of this ?

I believe you’ll receive a message that the voucher is empty if you try to redeem an expired voucher.

Hi @davidr

We don’t natively support expiry date for RMS vouchers.


Actually what we do is is exclude expired vouchers via the voucher table field mappings from being uploaded to the webstore. And @andy is correct: that will be the message displayed.

So the short answer is: the webstore itself does not check the expiry dates for RMS vouchers but Sync will not upload expired vouchers by default.


I ended up testing this and found that the expiry date is 100% supported.
Once the gift voucher has expired, when you try to redeem it – you get the message “This gift card is empty!”
Thank-you to the people that replied to my post.