How do I set up Payment Gateway Gift Cards on my WebStore

Some payment gateways (such as Abanco International/Cynergy Data, Smart Transactions, GiveX, and Mercury Payments) enable customers to purchase gift cards (vouchers) that can later be redeemed against WebStore purchases.

For information on selling and redeeming Microsoft Dynamics RMS gift cards (vouchers), see Knowledge Base article #293, “Selling and Redeeming Dynamics RMS Gift Cards”.
Before enabling gift card redemption in WebStore Manager, perform the following steps:

Create and configure a tender type in RMS Store Operations Manager, by selecting Database, then Tender Types.
For payment gateway gift cards, create a new tender called Online Voucher, with a Tender Code of OV, and set the Tender Type to Cash or Other.
Synchronize using the latest version of NSc Sync(v2.0.0.22 or later).
To enable the redemption of payment gateway gift cards on your WebStore (using NSc Sync v. or later), perform the following:

In WebStore Manager, under Configuration, select Gift Cards.

Select the desired gift card provider, then click Activate.

On the configuration page that is displayed, specify the user name and password that was supplied to you by the gift card provider, if applicable. If you wish to run in test mode only, select the Run in test mode checkbox. Under Tender Configuration, select the default tender that should be used for this provider (in this case, Cash), then click Save.
Assume that an order is placed on your WebStore, for example, as illustrated in the shopping cart that is displayed below:

When the customer clicks Go to Checkout, the checkout page that is displayed includes the following section:

Enter the gift card number and expiration date, as specified on the gift card, then click Continue.
On the next checkout page, a message is displayed that indicates that some or all of the order amount will be deducted from the gift card (depending on the value assigned to the gift card). If necessary, specify the mode of payment for the remaining order balance, then click Continue to complete checkout.

Download the Web Order and process it as normalthrough the POS. You will notice that the tender window shows the appropriatevalue in the gift card tender field.
To view voucher activity and balances, press Ctrl+Shift+F3 at the POS.

Please notethat some card such as Mercury are formatted in such a way that onlysome of the numbers are used to complete a transaction. For example MercuryPay Gift Cardsare formatted XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX-XXXX, yet only the first bank ofnumbers are required to process the payment. The second bank of numbers are used when cardholders wish check their gift card activity/balance with the gift card gateway, and is not used to process transactions. Wesuggest that you have your web designer add a note to this effectinstructing store customers to use only the required numbers.

Adding a Gift Card Balance Page to Your WebStore
You can add a page that enables your customers to check the remaining balance of any gift card issued for your WebStore. To do so, perform the following steps:

In WebStore Manager, under Management, select Page Content.
On the Tabbed Pages page, select add a new page or external link.
On the New Page Properties page, for Page Type, select External Link. For Page Title, enter Gift Card Balance. For Link URL, enter /store/go/gift-card-balance/. Click Save.
When you access your WebStore, a tabbed page similar to the following is displayed:

Hi, when I’m trying to add a Gift Card Balance Page to my webstore, it won’t let me use the /store/go/gift-card-balance/ link. It says the /store url conflicts with the way the webstore is set up. Can you point me in the direction of a more recent tutorial?