Loyalty 201 How to Modify the Loyalty Panel

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How to Modify the Loyalty Panel

Checkout panels, including the loyalty panel, can be modified using the Edit Templates functionality on the Web Store Manager (WSM). This is an advanced feature and you want to be sure you know what you are doing before making any modifications to these templates. It is these templates that were changed if you had any design work done to your store. If you damage your design we might not be able to help you restore the design.

Where to Edit the Templates

In WSM Edit Templates can be accessed through a shortcut in the footer and as the second item in the Design & Content menu. If you can’t see these, then you don’t have access privileges for this part of the WSM. You can request access by opening a ticket. However, be aware that you can

The Loyalty Checkout Template

The loyalty checkout template can be found under Checkout->Loyalty in the drop down menu on the top right hand corner.

The Default Template

{* Available parameters: - params['loyalty_points'] - current customer loyalty point balance - params['loyalty_dollars'] - current customer loyalty dollar balance *} {checkoutPanelHeader(params['title'])} {if (params['is_logged'])} {form["label_loyalty_loyaltycouponcode"]} {form["loyalty_loyaltycouponcode"]} <div id="loyalty-fields" class="dynamic-content"> {params['loyalty_markup']} </div> <p>Current loyalty point total: {params['loyalty_points']}</p> {else} <p>Register or log in to benefit from loyalty points</p> {endIf} {checkoutPanelFooter()}

The default panel is straight forwards. If the shopper is logged in, display an input that a shopper can use to put in a loyalty coupon code. If they are not logged in , display a message suggesting that they log in.

The {if (params['is_logged'])} call determines if the shopper has logged in or not.

The {params['loyalty_markup']} call is the call to the platform that returns any discounts that accrue to the shopper because of loyalty.

The params['loyalty_points'] call will display the quantity of loyalty points the shopper currently has in their bloyal record.

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