HTML5 Not Allowed in Custom Content

I want to use semantic markup (HTML5) on my custom pages, but the ‘HTML Source Editor’ in ‘Content Management’ removes it when I save the page. Erm…

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To be more specific:

When I use tags like:

  • <section>
  • <article>
  • <hgroup>

In the ‘HTML Source Editor’, these tags are deleted from the code, leaving a mess of a page. Can you guys update the this mechanism to allow HTML5 tags please? As of October 2014, HTML5 is a living standard, thus is theoretically production-ready.

It would be greatly appreciated if someone made it possible for us to utilize this new standard on our site’s pages.

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Hi Derek,

We use an open source, off-the-shelf HTML editor library called TinyMCE. There was no conscious decision made not to support HTML5 and we are happy to whitelist those tags. Are you having trouble with any other ones?

Could you take a look at this, please, @brendan?


Right on Donogh! I sure would appreciate it :slight_smile: Thanks!

Here is a list:
HTML5 New Elements

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@donogh @brendan - Any word on enabling HTML5 in the editor?

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