Blog Widget for the Home Page


I’m wondering given the recent changes or additions that appear to have been added to the blog whether there is or has been thought given to creating a widget of sorts that will allow us to display a handful of recent blog article snippets on our home page?

I would tend to think this would be a handy addition to any site that’s using the blog and not something that would eat up too much development time.


Hey Andy

what are you thinking would populate the widget? An extract of the last couple of posts with links to the full article?


Hi James,

Exactly. I suspect it would more or less be a carbon copy of the small snippets you generate for the blog category pages now only iterating over X number of articles that could be defined on the back-end.

The ability to edit the design would be ideal so placing it in a panel seems to makes sense.

Has this had more thought given to it?

Greg and Andy

would love to do something like this - there simply aren’t enough hours in the day to get round to it at the moment!


We were using a third party before implemented in our new site design on Nitrosell and it worked for about a year. It didn’t take but a few updates to Nitrosell before it broke, and there hasn’t been a solution developed yet. I remember during the implementation it didn’t take long at all for the designer/developer to make it work with Nitrosell. We do a weekly newsletter that usually has 3 to 5 blog articles, so it was valuable for us.