Stylized descriptions rejected by Amazon

Since we have implemented an WYSIWYG editor in our intranet for improve easily our product pages, we begin to have a lot of rich product page with html tag. Unfortunaly i just discover that amazon sync begin to show errors because we have html tags in our product description.
I’ve see that AWS use Markdown for the descriptions. So do you have an idea to convert the html tags into markdown for the amazon website? I have think about multiple conditions in the NsSync to convert tag by tag the text but maybe someone have a better idea.


Hi Damien,

Can you direct us to where you found the info about Amazon supporting Markdown please?

Generally, we do try to strip non-conforming text like tags and symbols because we have found Amazon MWS does not tolerate them, resulting in failed listings in pretty much every instance.

It may not apply depending on the docs you found but: note that Amazon Web Services (AWS) is not the same as Amazon Marketplace Web Services (MWS).



I have read this here: Using Markdown in the Console - AWS Management Console but i realise i have confused with an other service of amazon. So i have to find what anazon don’t allow in this description.

Finally, after many exchanges with the Amazon support team, one of them gave me a list of what is supported. And only a few tags are supported, so I had to work with an extra column in database to handle simplified descriptions.

The only tags supported by amazon are:
"p", "br", "b", "em", "i", "ol", "ul", "li", and "strong"
No style tag, id, class or special character allowed.

It’s resolve the error 99038 which is not really explicit

Error 99038: The Message/Product/DescriptionData/Description field contains an invalid value. The product_description field contains an invalid value. Please provide a valid value for the field and try again.

Sometime, product with unauthorized tags can be valided and be rejected few weeks after.

I hope it will help

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Thanks really helpful, thanks for the info Damien.

These Amazon error messages can be very unclear and confusing sometimes.