SEO Aspects for Nitrosell webstore


Out of curiosity have you guys looked into implementing SEO markup data, microdata and rich snippets?

I have taken a look at how search engines crawl and reads our nitrosell webstore and it seems as though our webstore could use a bit of the SEO features that are becoming basic necessities for eCommerce.

Have you all thought about implementing such markup?

Hi John,

We do some of this already. If you view the source of the page you’ll see “og” or Open Graph tags within the header.

If there are any more you’d like added, we’d be happy to entertain the suggestion.

@tomasz_fortuniak, do you have any further feedback for John, on this please?

Hi John,

Structured data is included (JSON-LD structured data), we are providing Google with information such as:
type, name, GTIN, image, description, sku, brand, price, price currency, availability and item condition.

You can check by using Google Structured Data Testing Tool.

Best regards,

Sorry to reopen this, but it appears Google has changed what it expects to see at some point in the last 6 month (we get warnings for brand, image, and SKU - all data which is available to WSM and sync’d from RMH)


The current reference docs from Google search seem to suggest the JSON should be condensed in the header section of a product page, not spread through the code of the page -

matter a fact I’ve been looking into that very same help considering our products are not allowed to be advertised on google . is there any way to advertise on google if google doesn’t allow it besides a SEO service ?

Thanks to whoever can help

Hi Janice,

Advertising items that are not allowed by Google is a bit tricky. In the good old days when Google had to rely on more manual checks you could hide parts of the site from their crawling bots and run ads for products that are allowed. Now they block the ads if they even find product names that might be indicating a breach of their policy. I have had a situation with on of the retailers that our campaign has been blocked because some of the tshirts had ‘Med’ for ‘Medium’ in their product names and Google flagged it as pharmaceuticals. It took us several phonecalls to Google and the retailer ended up working on their data entry instead.

@tomasz_fortuniak would you be able to help here? Have you got any workarounds?


Hi Janice,

Accordingly to Google policies there are items which can not be advertised. If number of those items is significant, Google suggest to remove them from the webstore, as it is possible that they will take an action and disapprove domain. They might take under consideration webstore images and store navigation as well.

Best regards,