119274: HTML Headers (metatags) missing from Department, Category pages

@donogh Any time schedule of this ticket 119274: HTML Headers (metatags) missing from Department, Category pages

see response from Mike which is not valid


Hi Dave,

It’s being actively worked on. Please keep an eye on the ticket for an update.


Hi Donogh

This is still happening, This is a major issue coming into our busy time. Can this be addressed urgently

Thank you

Hi David,

I took another look at your templates. We were addressing issues with what we thought were just department and category listing pages. Now it seems these two lines were present in your header:

    <meta name="description" content="">
    <meta name="author" content="">

Some browsers and presumably search engines may have been confused by these tags. I have removed them.

Can you give us examples of pages that are behaving incorrectly?


Hi Donogh,

We too are suffering this problem. Tomas fixed it for us doing exactly what you just described only the empty meta tags came right back a few weeks later. Perhaps it needs a more permanent fix at the root.


Hi donogh

Sorry wrong ticket this is resolved, It was mean’t to be regarding ticket number 119451


@emma: Thanks Emma. That’s good feedback.

@joseph_griffin, @shane_taylor: could you guys take a look at the header on all redesigns to make sure those empty meta tags are not present, please?

@david_acheson: so far, this hasn’t been on my radar or the dev team’s radar at all. We can certainly ask Paulina to escalate at this point and/or see why it hasn’t been escalated. Looking briefly at it, it seems like an issue with the data at source in your POS, as opposed to any kind of bug. Especially because we haven’t seen any other reports regarding this issue. Unfortunately, so far, there isn’t enough in this ticket for me or anyone on dev to go into it in any great depth. Anyway, I’ll request a follow up.

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Thanks Donogh

Just google PartyWorld and this meta description is showing " Offers fancy dress outfits. Includes catalogue and shopping cart." we would not have put that in there as we never did a catalogue ever could you tell us where it is pulling from

PartyWorld: Fancy Dress Costumes and Accessories Ireland
Offers fancy dress outfits. Includes catalogue and shopping cart.

Hey David,

It comes from one of two places:

  1. Here on the portal: Please Sign In - WebSell Portal

  2. From the Edit Properties for the home page on the content editor on the WSM.


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Thanks a mill Donogh