Get Web Order with Webstore API


I try to get the web orders from my store to an external application with the Webstore API.
I can authenticate, but when y use the GetWebOrders function I have the following error:

[error] =>  Invalid email address provided AND  One or more required parameters is missing
[message] => 400 Bad Request

There is my request url:[my store url]/v1/order.json?hash=[hash]&userid=[my user key]&time=[current timestamp]

In the documentation, the email parameter is not required and useless for this request. The error is the same when i add the others parameters (ordernumber, start & status).

Has anyone got an idea of what I might miss ?



Hi @damien.goehrig

Did you try with basic authentication just in case? The parameters would be different.

Let us know your feedback please.


Hi @franclin_foping

There is no so much information on the subject in the documentation.

With basic authentication, I can not even pass the identification.
I added the header Authorization Basic followed by my ID encoded in base64 in the request.
I have the error 401 asking Hash.

The user ID does not exist or is disabled AND  The hash does not match AND  Hash or key missing in request -- please authenticate

Maybe the request url is different for basic auth ?


Hi @damien.goehrig

I have just performed further tests and I can confirm that the Basic Authentication and the ability to download orders via the API are only available in our alpha and beta branches.

We are updating the documentation on GitHub to reflect that.

If you are willing to move your store to our alpha or beta branch to avail of this feature, please kindly open a ticket and one of our Customer Support Team will be delighted to assist you.

Thanks for your custom.

Kindest regards,

Thanks @franclin_foping for your feedback.

For the moment, y will put this part of my project in standby. I prefer let my webstore in stable branch.