Transfering Web order to CRE

Shipping data from the web order in Nitrosell is not being transferred to the Web Queue - consequently we cannot process orders.

This is an urgent issue – I opening a ticket in Nitrosell but no response. How do you contact or receive a response from Nitrosell when there are urgent issues.

Hi Barry,

I understand your ticket was addressed reasonably quickly earlier.

The best approach is to call any of our numbers, dial 2 for support, and tell the person it’s an emergency. They will initiate the emergency procedure, calling everyone who is on call, in sequence, until someone acknowledges they can handle the issue. At that point, you will receive a response within a few minutes.

Our typical first response to emergency issues when following that procedure is very quick. And the support answering service is 24/7/365 (as is emergency support).

Let us know if we can be of any further assistance.

Kind regards,

I am not aware that I received a response

Can you provide the ticket number please?

Hello Barry,

I apologize for the way this ticket has been handled. Unfortunately it has not been given appropriate priority level. We have responded directly in the ticket and are actively working on providing you for a solution.

We are constantly working on improving our procedures and cases like this expose some of the weak points but please rest assured that we will do our best to cover this in our system.

I will watch closely how this ticket is being handled and will step in case of any delays, however it seems that we are on a good track to have it resolved shortly.



I need support. Immediately

Hi Bryan,

To be fair, when support requested a meeting to assist you remotely, the intention was to schedule a time. Obviously, they cannot always drop everything to respond immediately; they are a team of 6 supporting 500 customers.

Anyway, to explain: Kamil was in the daily meeting between the support and dev teams, and responded to your live chat message – in which you said, “i am available” – within 7 minutes.

I understand there was a few minutes delay between when you followed the link and when Kamil could actually connect, and in that time, 4 minutes later, you posted the above response. Kamil finished the connection process within a further 10 minutes.

To me, that is a reasonable response time, and is certainly well within the expectations set in our customer service guidelines.

I am closing this topic to enable us to communicate with you directly, rather than using this public forum. I hope the issue gets resolved to your satisfaction.