eBay 103: The eBay set up wizard overview

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The wizard is designed to guide you through the initial setup.
For starters, you need to provide your merchant account data in the first step:

Here’s how to get Client ID, Client Secret and Redirect URL.

Marketplace should reflect the Marketplace you registered your account on, eg. if you registered your account on ebay.ie you should choose ‘eBay IE’ in the relevant dropdown in the Wizard.

You can also select the currency you want to use on your eBay listings and your eBay locale, which localises your eBay language settings. If you’re not sure what locale to use just leave the default one.

Press ‘Authorize with eBay’ to proceed. You’ll be redirected to eBay.com to finish the authentication process.

Here you need to provide your eBay Developer credentials. Press ‘Sign in’ and then press ‘Agree’ on the page you’re redirected to.

In the second step of the Wizard you can review and set some of your Business Policies. Please bear in mind you can create, modify and delete policies on your eBay account. Press ‘Next’ to proceed.

In the third step you can choose whether you want to enable order downloading and order fulfillment for your eBay orders. You can also choose tender method and shippings options. Press ‘Next’ to proceed.

Step number four concerns the items you want to sell on eBay. Here you can specify what database fields should be linked to particular product properties. Please bear in mind you cannot change Product SKU field. Press ‘Next’ to proceed.

You can further specify product properties in step number five. Check ‘Ship by weight’ checkbox if you plan on shipping your eBay orders by weight. Press ‘Next’ to proceed.

If you successfully completed all previous steps you should see this screen. Press ‘eBay inventory’ to see the products in your eBay inventory or choose ‘Restart Wizard’ to go through the Wizard again.