Customizing Your Product Titles In The Product Pages

Providing more information about your products to search engines has always been a paramount task to boost your presence in their platforms. We recently extend our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) menu to allow you to specify which fields and format should be used when rendering your product titles. This post will show how you can avail of this feature which at the time of writing is only available in our Beta channel.

By default, the product title is rendered in an H1 tag in the corresponding HTML code:

<h1 class="heading-product">Jeep, Cherokee</h1>

The content of the tag is always the product name which in the case of the figure is Jeep, Cherokee. In order to change that behaviour, in the WebStore Manager (WSM) under the Marketing and SEO menu, there is a new menu called Product Title Builder. By clicking on it, you are given the opportunity to specify the format and fields that should be used when building the product title. The product title can be accessed from the following nitroscript statement:


So, an example of a good product title specified in the product page template should look like:

<h1 class="heading-product">{ns:printProductTitle}{printProdFlags(product)}</h1>

It is depicted in the following screenshot:

The format is similar to the one that you are already using for other types of URLs.

In the following example, let us assume that we want to use the product category name in conjunction with its own name in the title. The format will look like in the following picture:

Having saved the new format, if we open a product that belongs to the fruit category and whose name is Granny Smith, the resulting product page is shown below:

We hope you will find this feature useful and as usual, any feedback would be very much appreciated.

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