How to add Meta Tags for Products

Here’s how to change the meta descriptions for any of your products

You can add meta tags for any of your products by inputting the Meta Tags into the appropriate line in PAM and then mapping that PAM field to your webstore in Webstore Manager. If the field is empty or this option is disabled, it will default to using the product_desc (extended description) field

The Option In Web Store Manager is called “Set META description on product pages using a custom field” so a search for any of those words will bring it up.

Step 2: Add a PAM attribute called metadescription
From the top menu in PAM Select Create Attribute. Select string type. Give it a name of metadescription
Enter meta tags for some sample products.

Step 3 - Map the PAM field to a customtext field
Please contact Nitrosell customer support who will select an appropriate customtext field and do the mapping for you.

Here are the instructions if you want to try this yourself.

In NSc Sync Configuration, under Advanced, select Field Mappings.
Right-click Item, then select Add Field, then Standard Field.
For Remote Field Name, enter product_weblinxcustomtextX(where X is the custom text field you will be using. it should be a number between 1 through 10 depending on which custom field you have available). For Field Source, enter nitroasl_pamtable.metadescription
Click Validate.
Click OK, then re-synchronize your WebStore.